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Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are essential in making a home more energy efficient – lowering fuel and electrical costs for property owners in the DFW Metro. Rough Riders Restoration has been installing quality window and door systems for years. Let us replace your old, drafty ones so you can start saving money on high heating and cooling costs!

Your Trusted DFW Contractor for Windows & Doors

Ensure your home’s protection with handsome new airtight windows and doors by the expert craftsmen of Rough Riders Restoration. We provide new window and door services to property owners throughout Dallas, Denton, Kaufman, Ellis, Collin, Rockwall, and Tarrant counties.

Old, poorly insulated and drafty windows and doors drive up the costs of home utilities and make your living quarters uncomfortable. The window and door specialists at Rough Riders Restoration can take care of your needs like no other storm windows and doors contractor in the DFW area.

Type of Windows

  • Casement – These operate like a door, featuring a crank mechanism
  • Sliding – These simply slide over each other from one side to the other.
  • Awning – These windows open at the bottom and outward using a crank.
  • Double-Hung – These windows consist of two movable sashes with one installed above the other.
  • Bay – These are characterized by three windows, with the center flanked by two angled back windows.
  • Bow – These consist of four or more window units characterized by a gentle curve.

Popular Window Materials…

  • Wood – A classic choice thanks to its aesthetic appeal and great insulation
  • Vinyl – An affordable window option with low maintenance features
  • Fiberglass – A popular choice for those looking for a strong material that is resistant to rotting, warping, and swelling

Window and Door Replacement

An old doorway or broken window can be a weak link in your home security, as well as cause high energy costs. But, when little repairs aren’t enough, Rough Riders Restoration provides you with the best window and door replacement services. We offer a wide selection of product options that fit your budget and preferences.

Questions Property Owners should Ask Themselves
about Windows and Doors:

  • Are they the right type of windows and/or doors for the local climate and weather threats?
  • Will they provide year round comfort and superior performance?
  • Are they easy to maintain?
  • Are they energy efficient to help lower your ongoing energy bills?
  • Will the designs compliment the design and exterior of your home?
  • What colors are available?
  • What manufacturers offer the best warranty options?

How We Handle
Window & Door Projects…

1. Assess

We’ll go through a needs assessment checklist to determine if any windows or doors are outdated and, if necessary, recommend the best, most easy-to-maintain products. No more worries about leaking and condensation. If there is wood rot along sills and/or thresholds, Rough Riders Restoration will fix that too.

2. Choose

We’ll make sure you have the right products for the local climate and weather patterns. Together we’ll choose styles and colors from only the most reputable manufacturers.

3. order

After consulting with you on the best window or door replacement products, we’ll handle all the ordering and schedule an installation day at your convenience.

4. install

Rough Riders ensure that your window and/or door replacements run smoothly and finish in a timely manner.